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Wednesday, 26 December 2018 14:51

Ingrown Toenails Out-Stay Their Welcome

Ingrown toenails don’t just happen overnight. This potentially painful situation occurs over a period of time when the toenail digs itself underneath the skin of your toe. Since this type of action can cause tears in the skin of your foot, your toenails will be painful and can become infected. Any toe can acquire an ingrown toenail. It is, however, most commonly associated with your big toe as it is most likely the big toe to sustain that type of damaging force. When ingrown toenails aren’t treated on a timely basis, an infection may make its way into other parts of your body.

Factors leading to ingrown toenails are cutting the nails incorrectly, hereditary disorders or tight-fitting shoes. Improper footwear puts excessive amounts of pressure on your big toe which can force the nail to bend. Ingrown toenails may appear harmless, but can lead to pain that can be avoided by using proper prevention and treatment methods.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Surgery may be desirable since it can remove part of or the entire ingrown toenail so that a new toenail can come back properly.
  • Use shoes that are not overly tight and that have ample space so that your toenails are not jammed.

Here at Family Foot Care of Southern Maryland, our podiatrists Dr. Jeffrey IdolDr. Judith Olkaba and Dr. Ruth P. Devadas can treat your ingrown toenails with the level of care that your feet may desperately need! Please contact us for an appointment today and do not forget to check out our four offices conveniently located in Owings, Lexington Park, LaPlata and Huntingtown. We offer many services for foot and ankle conditions and welcome your business!