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Wednesday, 07 November 2018 19:53

Orthotics Are the Layer of Comfort You’ve Been Searching For

Have you been looking to add a layer of comfort between your feet and the rough terrain beneath them? Well, look no further because you need orthotics! These foot support devices can be used to align, correct or assist with deformities of your feet. They absorb pressure when walking and ease the burden placed on your feet.  Orthotics can help with stabilizing your foot so that it can be more balanced and allow for you to walk in a manner that can help your entire body.

Orthotics are also created in different forms and have diverse patterns. It may require a little time for your feet to adjust to them, but they can be custom-fitted to provide maximum impact. Orthotics can provide relief for foot deformities that cannot be improved through other methods. They can also prevent the onset of mechanical issues that can occur. These devices are made to route pressure away from the trouble spots on your feet so that they can heal at the same time.

Treatment with these devices involves:

  • Those who are very active can benefit from the stability that orthotics provide. They can also help to prevent unnecessary injuries.
  • Orthotics are also useful after surgery to help give that extra layer of support that can reduce tension in the parts of your foot and ankle that are healing.
  • Those who run may see substantial benefits because they can alleviate the toll that their feet endure.
  • Those who have diabetes can also benefit from a reduced risk of injuries to their feet.

Here at Family Foot Care of Southern Maryland, our podiatrists Dr. Jeffrey IdolDr. Judith Olkaba and Dr. Ruth P. Devadas can provide you with orthotics that fit the bottom of your feet like nothing else! Our ability to treat your feet with these devices could delay invasive surgeries due to the benefits that they provide. Please contact us for an appointment and check out our four offices conveniently located in Owings, Lexington Park, LaPlata and Huntingtown.