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Wednesday, 03 October 2018 15:15

Outsmart Hammertoes


Hammertoes are not a great experience as they can cause significant discomfort and pain. They are actually deformities that develop on the toes as the toe joint bends in the middle. They are elastic in the beginning but become wedged in that position if not taken care of at their onset. Hammertoes normally occur from wearing shoes that are overly tight or due to a deformity that causes your toe to bend in an unnatural way. Shoes that are too slender push your toes into strange positions. Often women wear shoes that squash their toes against the inside of their shoes, damaging the toe muscles and causing them to be stuck in that position.

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Wearing shoes that are wide and that do not cause high amounts of friction to be placed on the ball of your feet.
  • Using foot support devices such as orthotics that can assist with providing the support needed to diminish the chances of requiring significant surgery.
  • Taking part in physical therapy to reduce the stiffness in your tendons and to relax your toe muscles. This may help treat your hammertoes early on.
  • Taking anti-inflammatories or other medications to decrease inflammation.
  • Using surgical intervention may be essential to reduce any tightness in your tendons, to fuse toe joints and to remove impediments to proper toe alignment. Surgery will treat this deformity if it has become unresponsive to the conservative treatments discussed above.

Here at Family Foot Care of Southern Maryland, our podiatrists Dr. Jeffrey IdolDr. Judith Olkaba and Dr. Ruth P. Devadas know what it takes to treat hammertoes with positive results. If your hammertoes are causing you pain and other problems, please contact us for an appointment today! We have four offices conveniently located in Owings, Lexington Park, LaPlata and Huntingtown. We strive to provide unique care that takes on your toe deformity from all aspects. Our methods will target the cause of your hammertoes in an effort to prevent it from occurring again after treatment.