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Wednesday, 05 September 2018 19:28

The Plight of Bunions

So, how do you feel with a bunion on your foot? It’s a safe bet that you thought it would be going away as easily as it came. Yet that is not always the case since they can become a real nuisance for you in the long run! Bunions are bumps on the outside of the big toe and can cause the front of the foot to look broader. The pressures from shoes can aggravate a bunion and cause it to worsen, especially in women due to the types of shoes that they use. It can be hereditary or can happen more readily in those with foot malformations. Bunions can become sore when not treated appropriately due to the irritation and swelling that can occur. You can not underestimate the power of bunions!

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Use special pads in your shoes to ensure that bunions don’t return.
  • Use medicines that are helpful such as anti-inflammatories to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Use toe spacers to help move toes to their normal position.
  • Surgical procedures can be of assistance with positioning the toe back to the location it was in before the bunion formed. These procedures involve realigning the metatarsophalangeal joint, repairing the tendons around the big toe and modifying deformities of your toes and foot.
  • Post-surgery, arch supports and cushioned shoes are helpful. The recovery period is very important as it can help to ensure that the bunion does not come back with ease.

Here at Family Foot Care of Southern Maryland, our podiatrists Dr. Jeffrey IdolDr. Judith Olkaba and Dr. Ruth P. Devadas can assist with eliminating your bunions from your routine. If you’re tired of the complications of bunions and the pain they may be causing you on a regular basis, please contact us to make an appointment at your earliest convenience. We have four offices conveniently located in Owings, Lexington Park, LaPlata and Huntingtown. We await your arrival so that we may offer your feet freedom from bunions!