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Thursday, 26 July 2018 14:57

Orthotics Can Spell Relief

Orthotics can be very helpful in easing your foot pain. They are made as shoe inserts and help to support and align the foot to correct an abnormal application of pressure on the foot or an irregular walking pattern. This improvement is accomplished by changing the angles that the foot hits the ground and cushioning it from unnecessary pressures. They are especially helpful since when your foot is out of alignment. 

Custom fitted orthotics are the most beneficial since they fit the contours of your feet. Arch supports, insoles, heel liners and foot cushions are other forms of orthotics that help with reducing pain in the feet. Arch supports help counteract high arches, low arches and flat feet by supporting the natural arch of the foot. Insoles supply cushioning and support. Heel liners also provide additional cushioning to the heel and can help decrease discomfort caused by a reduction in the heels natural lining.

Orthotics Have Many Applications                      

  • Orthotics fight off pain located at the heel and arch. They assist with distributing pressure evenly within the foot and keep the foot in an unbiased position, which helps to counteract pain from standing.
  • Orthotics can stimulate healing as stress is no longer being felt by susceptible parts of the feet. This can be seen with preventing injuries in athletes by re-directing pressures away from sensitive areas of the feet.
  • Orthotics treat issues such as plantar fasciitis and diabetic foot ulcers as they prevent sores from developing on the feet.

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