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Friday, 20 July 2018 16:30

Calluses Can Be Tricky

Calluses are raised levels of skin on the feet that are caused by dead skin cells. They occur because of feet rubbing against the shoes you choose to wear when walking or running for long periods of time. This process is a protective mechanism since the skin beneath the callus is sheltered from the layers of dead skin; however, calluses can become problematic.

Calluses can become throbbing and are typically the result of an uneven dispersal of the foots stride that develops into the rigid skin. Factors leading to this condition include wrongly fitting shoes that are too slender and that squeeze the toes which increases the friction forces on the foot. Genetic deformities may also cause this condition to get worse. They can become unnecessarily large and may cause issues with shoe fitting or mobility. Moreover, calluses can get very thick, break down, and develop into ulcers. This is why treatment can come in very handy.

Treatment for calluses involves:                         

  • Wearing open toe shoes such as sandals to allow for the toes to move more freely and to prevent the irritation of the skin of the feet from shoes that may contribute to calluses. Alternating shoes can also be very helpful.


  • Surgical procedures may be required when calluses grow out of control. In this regard, these procedures will alter the location of the bone of the foot so that it is not placed in a manner that provides favorable conditions for the formation of calluses.

Calluses can cause many problems for your feet. It is best to get treatment sooner rather than later to prevent unnecessary complications. Family Foot Care of Southern Maryland, located in (Owings (410) 257-2242, Lexington Park (301) 863-6601, LaPlata (301) 934-3345 and Huntingtown (410) 535-1719), Maryland, our podiatrists Dr. Jeffrey Idol, DPM, Dr. Judith Olkaba, DPM, or Dr. Ruth P. Devadas, DPM, will provide your feet with the best treatment methods possible to prevent any complications from calluses on your feet! Please call our office at any of the numbers listed above to help your feet overcome the potential pitfalls of calluses.