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Thursday, 21 June 2018 19:34

Ankle Fractures are Distressing

Ankle fractures happen as the ligament of the ankle joint tears and the bones break in the process. With all the negative effects that an ankle fracture can bring, it can also lead to arthritic joints. This happens as a side effect when waiting too long to obtain treatment. The ankle joint is prone to fractures more than any other type of injury because it plays an integral part in the foot’s movement, which can often be in many different directions.

Because increased amounts of tension placed on the ankle joint can lead to problems, it is important to reduce any activity that can cause it to fracture easily. These include sudden twists or lateral movements whereby the foot moves onto its side and causes an uneven amount of weight to be placed on the ankle.

This type of fracture will undoubtedly lead to severe pain as well as inflammation. The combination of these symptoms will render the ankle immobile until it heals. Healing is very important since an unstable ankle could result from your neglect.

Treatment for this condition involves:

-          Immobilizing the ankle with a rigid device such as a cast.

-          Relieving stress on the ankle by refraining from bearing weight on it.

-          Splinting the ankle to allow it to heal in the correct position and minimizing the risk of producing chronically weak ankles.

-          Surgery may be the only answer for severe ankle fractures as it will act to realign the bones of the ankle. This is crucial to preserving the longevity and function of the ankle.

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