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Thursday, 14 June 2018 16:27

Neuromas Cause Throbbing Discomfort

Neuromas can cause havoc to your feet due to the nerve involvement inherent in their development. Neuromas are inflamed nerves that are located at the bottom of the toe. They can cause discomfort between toes and may radiate further into the foot if left untreated. In particular, they cause a hardening of the nerves and can affect the ball of the foot when mobile. Moreover, numbness in the toes is a major symptom, as is sudden pain. Another symptom caused by neuromas is a scorching pain that spreads throughout the foot. If the nerves on the toe joints become pinched, swelling occurs, followed by them hardening.

Causes for neuromas can be lingering foot injuries, bunions, flat feet or poorly fitting shoes. Neuromas may start off with light pain and a slight numbness, but they can cause far-reaching damage when not attended to quickly and correctly. Proper treatment is paramount in your fight against neuromas.

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Rubbing the area of the foot that has the neuroma since massage can help to alleviate pain.
  • Wearing shoes with large toe boxes.
  • Using orthotics to reduce the pressure off of the area inflicted with the neuroma.
  • Using anti-inflammatories to lessen pain and inflammation.
  • More serious solutions include the use of anesthetics to reduce pain and to lower the amount of swelling caused by neuromas.
  • Surgical procedures could be an option if your feet are not able to cope with the effects of neuromas.

At Family Foot Care of Southern Maryland, located in (Owings (410) 257-2242, Lexington Park (301) 863-6601, LaPlata (301) 934-3345 and Huntingtown (410) 535-1719), Maryland, our podiatrists Dr. Jeffrey Idol, DPM, Dr. Judith Olkaba, DPM, or Dr. Ruth P. Devadas, DPM, will provide the treatment for your neuroma and will do their best to get your feet feeling better as quickly as possible. So, please call our office at any of the numbers provided above so that your feet can rest without any added pain!