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Thursday, 31 May 2018 15:33

Ankle Sprains are a Legitimate Threat

Ankle Sprains happen when the ligaments of the ankle are damaged. This can mean that they are torn or stretched.  Think of ligaments as the connective material that holds the ankle together and prevents it from moving in extreme directions. When they are stretched or torn, it can cause structural problems as well as significant pain.

Ankle sprains can be relatively minor or severe, depending on how much you damage the elasticity of your ankle ligaments. So, if you’re wondering what situations can more often than not lead to an ankle sprain, let’s reveal what they are: falls, sudden twists or an event that causes the ankle to move out of its usual position due to trauma.

It’s not hard to realize that these situations can be born out of participating in athletic activities or wearing unsupportive shoes when active. These sprains can lead to ankle discomfort, inflammation, reduced mobility or joint stiffness.

Treatment for ankle sprains involves:

  • Resting a sprained ankle can provide many benefits for healing purposes. Refraining from bearing weight on it is part of this strategy.
  • Using ice and elevating the injured ankle can help to reduce inflammation.
  • Easing gradually into physical therapy will help to increase the amount of flexibility of the ankle and assist with healing of the sprained ankle.
  • Surgery may be used if the ankle ligaments are significantly damaged beyond the use of conservative treatment methods.

Do you now see how a sprained ankle can be a legitimate problem? At Family Foot Care of Southern Maryland, located in (Owings (410) 257-2242, Lexington Park (301) 863-6601, LaPlata (301) 934-3345 and Huntingtown (410) 535-1719), Maryland, our podiatrists Dr. Jeffrey Idol, DPM, Dr. Judith Olkaba, DPM, or Dr. Ruth P. Devadas, DPM, will work with you to provide the best possible treatment methods to help your ankle gain back its strength. So, please call our office at any of the numbers provided above to learn more about what we can do to help your sprained ankle get back to being in peak physical condition!