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Monday, 21 May 2018 17:38

Don’t Let Neuromas Numb Your Feet

A Neuroma is a swollen or congealed nerve located in the ball of the foot and generally occurs due to the toes being squished in a tight and forced manner for long periods of time, which makes the nerve in between the toes become inflamed. The swelling makes walking painful. Factors that can create neuromas include footwear with high heels or that may be overly narrow. Symptoms of this type of nerve disorder include numbness in the foot that grows if left untreated, pain at the ball of the foot or discomfort at the base of the toes. Women, unfortunately, suffer from neuromas in greater numbers due to the types of shoes they wear.

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Shoes that have large toe boxes for the toes to have ample room to move.
  • Ice placed on the area of discomfort can reduce the amount of pain by numbing the affected nerve.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications can help to significantly reduce the amount of nerve swelling.
  • To alleviate lingering pain from the swollen nerve painkillers can be prescribed.
  • Decrease any high-intense activities as they may irritate the already swollen nerve.
  • Massaging the area of pain may help to ease muscle aching around the nerve.
  • When the above methods do not reduce the symptoms associated with neuromas, a podiatrist can provide custom devices that act to keep toes separated so that they do not squeeze any nerves in between them.
  • Steroid injections may be helpful in reducing discomfort.

In severe circumstances, surgical procedures may be required to remove the injured nerve if all other methods are unsuccessful. Reach out to us if you are still experiencing pain from this nerve condition and have tried all the treatments mentioned above. Here at Family Foot Care of Southern Maryland, located in Owings (410) 257-2242, Lexington Park (301) 863-6601, LaPlata (301) 934-3345 and Huntingtown (410) 535-1719, Maryland, our podiatrists Dr. Jeffrey Idol, DPM, Dr. Judith Olkaba, DPM, or Dr. Ruth P. Devadas, DPM, will do everything they can to provide quality treatment in an effort to help eliminate or reduce your pain caused by this condition. Please make an appointment by calling our office at any of the numbers provided above.