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Thursday, 12 April 2018 18:07

Watch Your Achilles Tendon During CrossFit

Achilles Tendonitis can be a very painful condition and results from the frequent strain that may be placed on the Achilles tendon, which is a group of tissues that join the calf muscles to the heel bone. Unfortunately, the Achilles tendon declines with age and therefore can become easier to injure. CrossFit is an intense exercise that can lead to high amounts of pressure and tension being put on the foot’s joints, ligaments, and tendons. This also includes discomfort in and around the back of the ankle and in the Achilles region. Those who undertake this activity will likely repeat the same types of movements which can cause complications with the ankle. The Achilles tendon may begin to experience pain as the heel touches the ground during and after CrossFit since it may become inflamed and show signs of tendonitis.

Treatment for this condition involves:

  • Utilizing the appropriate shoes during CrossFit will help to minimize tension in the Achilles region. These shoes should have ample cushioning to support the heel and a prominent arch support system to relieve pressure on the Achilles tendon.
  • Swapping out shoes that are showing signs of being worn out for new shoes.
  • Elevating the foot with tendonitis to reduce inflammation in the Achilles tendon.
  • Using anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling around the ankle and the Achilles tendon.

Achilles tendonitis can be caused by a number of physical activities and CrossFit is a big contributing factor. Here at Family Foot Care of Southern Maryland, located in (Owings (410) 257-2242, Lexington Park (301) 863-6601, LaPlata (301) 934-3345 and Huntingtown (410) 535-1719), Maryland, our podiatrists Dr. Jeffrey Idol, DPM, Dr. Judith Olkaba, DPM, or Dr. Ruth P. Devadas, DPM, will do their best to help you participate in high-intensity activities without harming your Achilles tendon and will provide you the required treatment to help alleviate any pain you may be experiencing. Moreover, please take some time out of your day to check your ankle and make an appointment by calling our office at any of the numbers provided to prevent your tendonitis from getting worse.